Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What Position Should I Play?

Question: Mr. Edwards,

I was told you were the guy to go to for lacrosse questions. I have never played in an actuall game before but i love the game of lacrosse. I play in pick up games all the time with my friends and now im finally thinking about playing for real. I jus dont know which position to play. Im not fast but i was a 4 year starter at rugby so i have stanima. My stick skills are not the best because i havent really played long. Im about 5foot 9 and wiegh around 185. Id love to play attack but i dont think i have the skill set for it. Would defender be good? I play goalie in other sports but im not to hype to play goalie for lax cause it seems totaly different then handball nd hockey goalies. If you could help me out id appreciate it thanks.

Answer: Hey there Bra. Thanks for writing. I'm totally curious, who told you to email me? I always like to know and to thank those who refer me to others.

Ok, first off, are you a handball goalie? and a hockey goalie? Lacrosse goalie might be perfect for you. An option for you might be to go out for the team as a goalie, but to also have your short stick and play some defensive midfield until your stick skills improve. You can learn to play goal, but then can sub out to play in the field during practice. This might be a real option for you.

When a player has weaker stick skills but has physical ability like you do from your rugby background a coach would probably put you on the field as a defender. They may even put a long stick in your hand but if your stick skills aren't good you may be a liability on defense if your stick skills are weak.

I've got got size and strength to play almost any position but it will be your stick skills that limit you. Goalie might be the perfect place for you to go with your background. I was a soccer and a hockey goalie and played goal in lacrosse. Ultimately my stick skills got good enough that I could play any position and sometimes did. But I loved goal and became an All-american.

With enough hard work you can play anywhere. Seriously. It's just your stick skills that will limit you from playing. So work hard on your stick skills and the sky is the limit.

Good luck! What state are you in and what year are you in school?

Jonathan - The Goalie Guru