Monday, April 6, 2009

Can I Dye My Head Without Taking The Mesh Out?

Question: Hello it is Vincent, I want to dye my head but i don't want to undo the stringing and do it again and i want it to remain white.
Can i put duck tape on the mesh and strings what can i do?

Thank You

Answer: Vincent I've never seen this work. The duct tape breaks down during the dying process and becomes this big sticky mess when you try to take it off.

Your best bet is to start another stick (you need one anyway). Dye that one the way you like it and learn how to string it up. The one you have now can be your back up.

Jonathan -

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Carol Anna said...

can i dye the head without taking the mesh out??? n i want the mesh to be dyed too( the same colour)? because i have seen so many videos on youtube and all of them has taken their mesh out